Merriment Making Method

Embody Joy

1) Reconnect To Your Body

watch your dissociation disappear and come alive again with self-love and embodiment

2) Find Your Fun

how to start having fun and keep having it with your unique formula

3) Embrace Your Weird

discover and celebrate what makes you unique

Create Joy

4) Ignite Your Passion

find out what you’re on this earth to contribute, why it’s helpful, and how to make it work for you

5) Make What’s In Your Heart

explore new creative ventures and dive deeper into the special creative practice(s) that light you up

6) Celebrate and Connect (With Others)

learn how to find and stay in relationship with like minded people who energize, support, and inspire you

Spread Joy

7) Practice Conscious Kindness

discover easy ways to perform random acts of kindness, guerrilla art, and good news that restores others’ faith in humanity

8) Advocate For Causes

learn how to become an effective activist for charitable acts and good works to create change at a macro level

9) Encourage Joy In The Community

become a Merriment Maker as a living icon so everything and everyone you touch feels happier just by being around you